Posting might pick up around here.

It looks like I'll have a job soon. I'm doing some contractual stuff for my local research center and they want me to join them full-time. All I have to do is finish my current contracts which end June 30, and there's salary negotiations, of course.
Ironically, I'll probably post more working full-time than I do sitting home all day just because there won't be any children to run after. Knitting might suffer, but its not as if I'm cranking out the FOs anyway.
It'll be really nice to stop for Starbucks and not have to worry if I can afford it or not.
The project we are working on for the center is a huge database that will track all students in Louisiana from birth to workplace. I'm trying to not let the "Big-Brother-ness" of it all get to me. This database will track school, health, and court records so far. We'll be able to find out how much a specific teacher affects learning outcomes, for example, or what factors affect the liklihood of a child going into the court system. The difference is that we'll have complete data from all years of life, so there won't be any assumptions about things like parental variables or neighborhood effects. I promise to use this data for good and never evil!!! The best part is no other state is even close to having good enough data to even try such an undertaking, so we can be at the top of the list for something good. That doesn't happen very often.


Finally, something useful...

In my sidebar, I've added a pattern for my Subversive Skull Cap. I created this pattern and chart due to the utter lack of skull-themed cables out there. If you try it out, send me a photo and I'll post them here.