Before and After

Scored a neat organizer from the best Grad Assistant in the world who is moving out to Oregon to change the world.  I think it looks much better than my previous system, which was "pile everything onto a cork board and pray it doesn't fall."
Sean suggested I paint it, and I just might.  I'll see if I can figure out how to make it look distressed first.


iPhone4 Case on the Cheap

My old, clear iPhone case was getting yellow so I figured it was time for a new one.  It's amazing how much people charge for these things.  So I broke out the old Mod Podge and some leftover Amy Butler scrapbooking paper I had lying around and covered the outside of the case.

The paper was double-sided, so it shows through on the inside.

 I covered the buttons and they still work fine.  I just covered between the holes for connections so I wouldn't have to cut them all out.  Of course, I cut out the oval for the camera hole.It hasn't really been kid-tested yet, but it seems like it's pretty sturdy.  The Mod Podge makes the case a little stiff, so it's hard to get the phone out, but not impossible.