Book #2

A Kiss of Shadows- Laurell K. Hamilton. Finished: July 12, 2009.
Eh. It was a fast read, sort of mindless. I'll probably pick up the next in the series just to give it a fair shot, but I don't see myself getting entrenched. Fairy Princess...?


Some Project Updates

1. Selbu Moderne in Kiogu: Frogged
Way too big for me, ran out of white yarn, got sick of it, decided I hate Koigu.
selbu moderne

2. Queen Anne's Lace, cashmere/silk blend: This is going to be a marathon. I'm on row 48 of about 156. Of course, the rows get longer and longer as I go. I'm doing 2-3 rows a day, but I'm going to have to pick up the pace if I'm going to have it ready for a November wedding. It's a very intuitive knit so far, but the repeats are only up to 7 sts. I'm nervous for when they get to be 20 or 30 sts each. The yarn is a joy, plus it was 50% off, so the whole shawl should cost me < $50. Photobucket

3. Noro socks: A beach knit. My own pattern. One sock almost done, needs binding off. Not sure how I feel about starting the other. I guess I'm indifferent. The yarn is sort of scratchy, but the colors are amazing. I'm also not sure if I want matchy-matchy or fraternal. I can't imagine wearing these anywhere in public, so fraternal might be my best bet.

4. Buttony Sweater, Wendy Fusion Superwash wool/acrylic: My duct tape dress form seems to be a little large. The sweater fits fine on me, but I couldn't get it fastened over the form. The yarn got itchy after washing; I might try fabric softener next time and see if that helps. You'll have to excuse the messy counter in the background.

I've also got a few sewing projects going on, but it's nothing to elaborate on just yet.


New Post

On One Size Knits All.
Go check it out!

New Post

On One Size Knits All.
Go check it out!

Cannonball Read and Other Projects

Cannonball Read is a contest started on Pajiba.com, my favorite movie site. (Their byline is, scathing reviews for bitchy people.) The goal is to read 100 books in a year. The rationale is if you even get to 50, that's still more than some people read in a lifetime. I started this Friday with Good Omens, by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaimon. It's about an angel and a demon trying to prevent the apocalypse. They are aided by an earlier mix-up resulting in the antichrist being raised by a normal human family. The reading was a little slow at first, I had to switch into British "humour" mode (imagine Monty Python with footnotes- yes footnotes!) But once I got into it, it was good reading. The ending was exciting without being over-dramatic (I imagine an Americanized version would have many more explosions.) And I think it was a good start for the journey. One restriction I've decided to place on myself is that I'm going to be checking out all the books from the library. My local library sucks, however, so we'll see how that goes.
In project news, I've got a few things finished but not photographed. I've also got a bunch of things started, but not photographed. Until I get my ass in gear, I'll leave you with two photos I do have.
Here's a finished Calorimetry from waayy back in February:

And here's a Randy Reindeer hat of my own design using the chart found here.
Photobucket It's double knit, which means it will be reversible when finished. Thing is, I'm not sure if I ran out of yarn yet. I really need to get my stash under control.
I've got some socks, a tank, and a shawl on the needles and a finished Buttony sweater, which I'm about to feature on the One Size Knits All blog. But no photos yet, so you'll have to check back.