Good, Bad, Ugly

RS_Knits Yahoo group is starting to pick up. There has been new activity and new members the past few weeks and it looks like we might be able to schedule some meet-ups. I've also picked up a chart I made a while back for a skull-cable pattern. I'm working on a hat. I've already frogged it back once, but the second version is looking good so far. This is good.
Work sucks, on the other hand. One of my "friends" got offered a promotion that was previously aimed at me. There was a huge conspiricy to cover it from me. She finally told me and has since been very hyper-sensitive to everything I say, finding insult in very innocent conversation. I've decided to put this relationship on a back-burner because it's small fish right now. I haven't been offered any teaching jobs, which surprized me based on the shortages and my qualifications. Maybe the "right" job hasn't come along yet. If you guessed "bad," you're right.
Ugly is home life right now. I just typed a whole explanation and then realized I'm not ready to externalize it yet. I try not to focus too much internally (someone said depression is the highest form of selfishness), but I think I need to examine my motivations more before putting any details out into the universe. One day I'll find someone to confide in. I just don't have that amount of trust in anyone yet.


So the yarn I mentioned in the previous post hasn't come in yet...

But I've got the design all charted. I'm trying to decide what kind of neckline I want.

Unfortunately, I only have time to think about knitting while I'm at work and, of course, I can't knit at work. I can't knit at home either because we finally got occupancy permission for our new house and we've been slowly moving stuff over/ trying to clean up/ getting used to kindergarten and daycare/ otherwise going nuts- this week.

The girls' new bunk bed won't be in until tomorrow, so if we sleep in the new house tonight they'll have to camp on the floor. I really only want to bring the stuff that I intend to keep, but we're going to fast it looks like all the crap will come over too and I'll have to get rid of it later. So the new house will probably start of as cluttered and messy as the old house. *sigh*
Oh, and since it's August- here's some photos of the balloon races in Baton Rouge.

Please excuse the wonkiness of the photos. I took them with my phone while driving down the freeway at 70mph on my way to work. See what I do for you?


Boy, when I come Back...

I come back with a vengence! Call me Samuel M*therf*cking Jackson.
I've got an itch to knit again. And this time I'm going to throw it down Eunny Jang-style. I've just ordered twelve, count 'em, TWELVE skiens of Palette from KP, all in different colors, and I'm going to design me a fair isle. I've got ambitions for a full sweater, but come on- this is me. You'll be lucky to get a vest. No sketches but think along the lines of Venezia.
I've also got designs on a cabeled boat neck where the whole thing is knit in two tubes. Think tubey, but with two holes in the top tube. One for the neck and one for the bodice. Oh, and a herringbone jacket.
I've decided to set aside time to knit each day. I need to reclaim some sanity. Maybe a half hour before bed. Do you think that will be enough? Talk amongst yourselves.

In other news. What's up with House, MD? Would anyone in the real world put up with crap like that from a coworker without knocking him on his ass at least once. And they're all, "We love you. Let us be your friends!!!!" That show is thisclose to jumping the shark for me.


No posts lately, blah, blah, blah...

Bad Blogger, yada, yada.
In real news, we are almost done with the house. We have the elec and plumbing all hooked up and should begin moving in within the week.
Haven't been knitting much because I used to knit while M was in gym class and she went and got kicked out. Behavior problems. Yeah, proud mommy<> me.
I finally got a Ravelry invite. I'm ShannonAnn there, so add me if you're on. I'll try to do something interesting in the mean time so you can laugh and point.