Ah, Crap!

My husband hates it when I say "Crap." I think he should be glad I can censor myself before the big words come out and make George Carlin blush in his grave (rest his soul). In real-life, away from my children or boss, I cuss like a sailor. It's something that got picked up in college. Boy my sorority was a bad influence. Trust me, if I didn't have kids or bosses, "crap" wouldn't even be in my repertoire.
Anyway, the crap-i-tude come from my new theme. Pretty, no? However, all the widgets got lost in translation so I have to go back and update all my links and other sidebar goodness.
If I linked to you before and I miss you this time, shoot me a message and I'll fix it. It's not like my sidebar was super-updated anyway.
Good news is I'm about 10 minutes away from finishing the Shetland-not-so-shorty I've been slaving over. It feels so nice to finish something.

A fellow raveler is sending me enough yarn to finish my wavy lace stole and possibly make a hat.

Ravelry is awesome!


Who's going to clean this up?

With the new job I was able to move some things out of the studio.

Of course, now it's a ginormous mess.

Time to get cracking, I guess.