St. Anthony

Come around. So what is lost can now be found.

I lost my camera battery. Thus, the lack of postiness around here lately. There are a bunch of photos I would like to uplaod, but no battery = no sharing.

  • a new batch of soap
  • a gazillion stitch markers for the Knitting Asylum
  • a green sweater I want to recycle, but also want to document a "before"
  • some doll parts for Christmas projects
  • a clapotis in the making
  • a beret that's almost done
  • a plaid coat that's all cut and marked, ready to be sewed up
  • new shelves in the studio
So, ugh! If any of you are Catholic, go ahead and send a shout-out to St. Anthony for me. Oh, and while you're at it, put in a word to St. Rita so I can get the promotion I interviewed for a few days ago.

A few words about the promotion:
Since my boss quit back in September, I've been doing his job. Everyone around here says I should get the spot. My ex-boss has called in a recommendation for me. People yell, "Team Shannon!" when they see me coming down the hall (no, really, they do!) I have all the qualifications and experience needed.
Two things going against me: they've decided to interview two others (who might have a political advantage over me- name recognition, etc. if not actual qualifications.)
And, the Center Director, who will make the ultimate decision, is kind of unpredictable (?) when it comes to hiring. For example, we are an education research center, but most of the project directors that work for us have Speech backgrounds. They were mostly hired because they got their Ph.D.s from the university we are affiliated with. So, at least one of the other interviewees has a health sciences background, but she's got more name recognition, which might give her the edge over me- who actually has the Ph.D. (from a different university) and experience in the field of education research!
I should find out within the next two weeks. Wish me luck!