Advent- Day Ten/ Eleven

On day 10, they sang carols. I let them handle it on their own because I was getting frustrated with the state of mess in my house.
Day 11, was the snow day. I quickly modified the activity to include making snowmen, snow angels, and snow balls. I'll put up photos soon.
I am soooo glad I broke down and bought that camera battery!


Advent- Day Nine

On Day Nine, we took pictures by the tree. I wanted pictures by the kids tree, but we hadn't put that one up yet. So, I used the fancy tree in the dining room instead. I bought all the kids new flannel pajamas: Spongebob, Tink, and Polar Bears. I was surprized that there was no complaining about who got a better set.
I'm glad I wasn't planning on using these photos for Christmas Cards, because we couldn't get all three kids to look at the camera and smile at the same time. The activity quickly deteriorated into a wrestling match.
I broke down and bought another camera battery. I figure St. Anthony has had enough of me, I'm too embarrassed to try another novena. If I find the old battery, I'll just have one charged at all times. Still hoping St. Rita will help me out on the job/salary front. I've decided I need to specify that I want the raise as well as the promotion, because it would suck if I had to do more work for the same pay.
If any of you are wondering, St. Rita and St. Jude are patron saints of impossible things. I figure St. Jude is pretty busy with childhood cancer, so I never bug him unless it has to do with something as dire as that. St. Joseph is the patron of laborers. I try to send a shout-out to him as well. I think it helps to keep all bases covered.
St. Anne is my patron saint. She is also asociated with motherhood and pregnancy. She was Mary's mother, and had the first immaculate conception. Mary couldn't be the savior, though, being a girl and all. But her immaculate conception (the Assumption) set her up for being the mother of Jesus. A novena to St. Anne after five miscarriages, ended with a healthy pregnancy I now call G. I had a lot of help on that novena , and I feel forever indebted to those who prayed with me. I think a lot of Catholics are moving away from associating with the saints and saying novenas. I think this is an important part of the faith and part of what makes being Catholic special. If you can ask someone on earth to pray for you, why not ask someone who has given their life to the faith and is one step closer to God than any living person?


Advent- Days Six, Seven, and Eight

Saturday, we took the kids to see Celebration in the Oaks in New Orleans. They really enjoyed the lights, especially the Cajun Night Before Christmas light show. Unfortunately, to get to Story Land (a mini-park with Mother Goose themed playhouses), we had to pass through a bunch of carnival type rides- ticket required. Of course, all the children whined about how they wanted to ride the "Pay Rides." But momma wasn't havin it. Next year, we may have to find some lights closer to home. (Alternatively, we can take them on a really fast ride next time there's a fair and that would be the end of that. Evil Laugh.)
Sunday, my dad came over so I put him to work. I had him string up popcorn and raisins to hang in the trees for birds. J and M enjoyed it but G wandered off to the neighbor's house. One thing I'm realizing about this advent thing is how hard it is to get all three kids excited about the same activity. I usually get two out of the three, which is pretty good odds I guess.
Tonight will be candy night. The girls have gymnastics and I have a crapload of things to do, so instead of an activity, I'll give them each a piece of candy.


Advent- Day Five

Made paper snowflakes and wrote letters to Santa. My sister and her bf came by for a visit, so they made snowflakes too. I asked Santa for a big diamond ring and a Mercedes Benz. Do you think he'll come through? I've been really good!

In other news. I am so disgusted with family drama right now. It's like a genuine soap opera. My parents have decided to not attend my brother's bootcamp graduation even though they have made all the arrangements and can't get refunds. Why? Because he told them not to go. Why? Because his psycho bitch girlfriend has been sending harassing messages to my mom and then telling my brother that my mom is being mean to her. This has been a cycle for years now. My mom is partly to blame because she refuses to tell the girl's parents. WTF? If any of my children was rude to an adult, much less than the cursing and demeaning that this girl is doing. I better find out about it. So, I told my mom to not call me anymore. I can't handle this cycle of her complaining and asking for advice, but never doing anything that would actually resolve the situation.
What she does is overreacts, like throwing him out for something minor. Then overcompensates by letting him walk all over her and spending way too much money on him. Rinse. Repeat. I'm pretty sure she doesn't actually want advice, she just wants me to feel bad for her. But I can't feel bad and do the "poor you" thing if she won't at least tell psycho bitches parents! I mean, come on, that's the obvious step one, isn't it?
If your daughter got all psycho on their boyfriends mom, wouldn't you like to know about it? Even if the bf's mom was bitchy too (and I'm not ruling that out), that doesn't give a 19 yr old the right to curse at her and spread rumors for three f*cking years!!!!!.
My mother in law is pretty rude and otherwise socially inept. At one Christmas, she told the whole gathering that she was glad my 1st born looked like my DH because, well, "you never know." Did I call her an F*ing Btch? No, even if that is what I was thinking. And if I had, and it got around to my parents, you'd better believe I wouldn't have gotten away with it. It's a parent's role to keep their kids from being trashy. And if the parents are psycho too, well that gives you more reason to put a Peace Bond or Restraining order on the whole f*cked up bunch!
But, you gotta tell the parents!


Advent- Day Four

Last night, the kids were supposed to write letters to Santa. They asked if they could put it off until today.


Advent- Day Three

Last night we made Christmas ornaments. I got Jackson a little unpainted wooden truck from the craft dept at Walmart and I let him color it with markers. He was sooo proud, he brought it to school today to show his teacher. I'm not sure he'll let me hang it on the tree.
The girls made flowers from a Martha Stewart kit, also from Walmart. The kit was supposed to be for children, but I should have know Ms. S. meant children with superpowers like her. The glue wasn't tacky enough to hold on to the felt, so we had to sit there for about 10 min each time we glued something- holding it until it dried. They came out cute in the end, but next time I'm going to come up with my own fool-proof projects.

Here's a Thursday Diversion for you:
Top 5 Hottest Teen Idols of the 80's
Honorable Mention: Matthew Modine
5. Rob Lowe
4. Judd Nelson
3. Josh Brolin
2. River Phoenix
1. John Cusack

Who would make your list?


Adevnt- Day Two

Last night we drank cocoa by the fire. The one measly log looked so puny in our extra large fireplace. Sean says he wants to fill it up one day and see what it can do. I'll have 911 on speed dial.
We listened to the Christmas Station on the tv, and I taught the kids the words to "I'm Gettin' Nuthin' For Christmas." So appropriate. *Sigh*


Advent- Day One

For the past few years, I've been meaning to make an advent wreath. The kind with the purple and pink candles. A Catholic Menorah, if you will. Well, I'm already too late for it this year. I've decided instead to make an advent calendar to at least make sure we get to do some fun holiday activities as a family this year, and maybe start a new tradition or two.
I made my advent calendar by gluing magnets to small metal wedding favor tins I got at Walmart. I printed out these numbers from D.Sharp on sticker paper and stuck them to the top of the tins. Then, I made a list of fun holiday activities. I printed two copies, one for the tins and one for me to have on hand so I can see what's coming up and make sure I have any materials and enough time to complete the activity. Since we are in Louisiana, I had to leave out the obvious snow-related activities like ice skating and snowman building, so I stuck in a few "Candy" days where the kids will get candy in leu of an activity. I put the slips of paper with the activities in the tins with corresponding numbers. This is important so we can make sure we know what is coming up.
Lastly, I stuck the tins on the refridgerator in a neat little grid. The results look something like this, but with numbers on ths lids instead of patterned paper.
I'm sure you're wondering why I don't post a photo of my own? That's because my dumb-ass self lost my camera battery after I charged it. Don't you get some kind of award for that level of stupidity?
BTW: no job news yet. I'm convinced that no news is bad, bad news.

ETA: I forgot to say last night was Day One on the advent calendar. The activity was, "Read a Christmas Book." I was so proud that G was able to read to her little brother and sister with almost no help.


St. Anthony is my Homeboy!

I found the charger yesterday in a bag it had no business being in. It was not the proverbial last place I would have looked as it was actually in a place I would never have looked. Coincidentally, over the long weekend, Sean had to do some work at home. For some reason, my laptop wasn't playing the video he needed to review. I took my personal laptop to work and lent my work laptop to Sean. It was when I was unpacking my laptop at the end of the week that I noticed the camera charger right next to the laptop charger in my case. I have no idea how it would have gotten there because I hardly ever use that case and I distinctly remember using the charger a few weeks ago in the kitchen, right before Grace's birthday party. I think St. Anthony just stuck it in there so I'd find it.
In other news, the Novena to St. Rita is still on. No word yet about the promotion. I'm starting to let myself down over it so that if I don't get it, it won't sting so bad. I hope I find out soon, because wondering is killing me. All the people I ask don't know anything, but they all say I should get it. Boss Man doesn't listen to everybody else, unfortunately. Maybe Rita will see how Anthony came through for me and will try to up the ante. Fingers crossed, everyone!


St. Anthony

Come around. So what is lost can now be found.

I lost my camera battery. Thus, the lack of postiness around here lately. There are a bunch of photos I would like to uplaod, but no battery = no sharing.

  • a new batch of soap
  • a gazillion stitch markers for the Knitting Asylum
  • a green sweater I want to recycle, but also want to document a "before"
  • some doll parts for Christmas projects
  • a clapotis in the making
  • a beret that's almost done
  • a plaid coat that's all cut and marked, ready to be sewed up
  • new shelves in the studio
So, ugh! If any of you are Catholic, go ahead and send a shout-out to St. Anthony for me. Oh, and while you're at it, put in a word to St. Rita so I can get the promotion I interviewed for a few days ago.

A few words about the promotion:
Since my boss quit back in September, I've been doing his job. Everyone around here says I should get the spot. My ex-boss has called in a recommendation for me. People yell, "Team Shannon!" when they see me coming down the hall (no, really, they do!) I have all the qualifications and experience needed.
Two things going against me: they've decided to interview two others (who might have a political advantage over me- name recognition, etc. if not actual qualifications.)
And, the Center Director, who will make the ultimate decision, is kind of unpredictable (?) when it comes to hiring. For example, we are an education research center, but most of the project directors that work for us have Speech backgrounds. They were mostly hired because they got their Ph.D.s from the university we are affiliated with. So, at least one of the other interviewees has a health sciences background, but she's got more name recognition, which might give her the edge over me- who actually has the Ph.D. (from a different university) and experience in the field of education research!
I should find out within the next two weeks. Wish me luck!


The Week that Almost Killed Me

I have photos, but I can't re-live that whole week at once. You'll have to get it in small bites.
Here are photos of the Maid Marion costume and House On Haunted Hill Birthday Cake that would have used up two of my lives if I was Super Mario. (And I'm not Mario, so those projects just kicked my ass instead.)



This is The Awesommeness!!!!
Marie-Therese Gown GIVEAWAY !!!!!!!


Still Alive

I really think this week might just kill me.
Work is insane with me being all alone. They still won't tell me if they're planning on advertising for my boss's old job, or promoting me, or what. I'd really like his job, but I'm a bit green. I just hope if they hire someone else, that person knows what the hell they're doing. I don't have time to train a freaking supervisor.
I got Maid Marian all cut and I sewed up some of the longer seams (ok, three seams) while watching Ghost Hunters last night. (They were at Oak Alley, where I spent my teenage years as a tour guide. I might expand on that in a later post.)
Anyway, I tried sewing French Seams on Marian so I wouldn't have to try to finish the satin, or deal with satin fuzzies later. The seams came out great and I think I might add those to my regular repertoire.
I'm supposed to have dance class tonight- yes, me. Not the girls. But I think I might have to skip. I still have to get a buttload done on Marian and get to cleaning and baking for the party Sunday. I told Sean he might have to bake the actual cake and I'd decorate it. He seemed ok with that. He likes to bake with the kids helping, whereas I need to be alone. So it will be a good project for them all to bake all the layers while I would probably hate it thinking about all the other tings I have to do.
I also have to get some decorating things from Hobby Lobby. I want to make a monster wreath and an arrangement with a black stick and fake crows. I just hope I can find crows. I have the fake fur and eyeballs for the wreath, I just need a form to glue them to.
I also want a new Entertainment Center. I'd love to get that done today, but there are only so many hours in the day.
Because I feel bad leaving without a photo, this is from my office. I'm in an attic office with no windows and dark gray paint on the walls. (Sucky camera phone photo alert!) I made a Rasturbation of St. Peter's (?) Basilica in Paris and stuck it up to make a faux window. I have two more rows to put up when I get time and if I survive this week.


More Happiness

In real life, things have moved beyond hectic to downright f*cking crazy!
I came in to work yesterday to find my boss's office completely empty. Turns out he decided against renewing his contract and didn't bother to tell me. Now, it's supposed to be him, me, two computer scientists, two research analysts, and two grad assistants. Right now, it's just me! I have no staff and no boss!
I'm xanaxed out right now to keep sane for today. The CEO is supposed to talk to me about the "situation" but I don't know when that's going to happen. I'd love to take his job and build my own staff, but I have a nasty feeling they have someone pegged for the job. If it turns out they do want someone, and that someone doesn't have more research experience than I do, I'm going to go on a job search myself. I don't have the desire or time to teach someone about higher-level research and statistical methods, which is what we do.
To add to the crazy, I'm sewing G a Maid Marian costume for Halloween, which would be ok, but she wants it done for her birthday party this Sunday. I've got the pattern pinned up, but haven't started cutting yet. It's a lot of fabric!
But I promised happiness, didn't I? Well, I was inspired by Rhoda to make a scarf with an "accidental" plaid pattern. I didn't want to bother with the cables on Besotted and I noticed some people got similar effects with the My So-Called Scarf pattern.
I bought myself some Patons Classic in "Harvest" and got busy. The pattern is super easy to memorize and the yarn is so soft and squishy, I have a hard time putting it down. Here's what I'm getting so far:

Sorry about the phone photo. I have better ones, but they're at home.
Here's another so you can see the argyle better.

It's not plaid, but I totally love it. This might be the first knitted object I actually keep for myself!
Thanks Rhoda, for the inspiration!


PRGE Package

When I got home from work yesterday, there was a package in my dining room.

(Yes, this is my awesome dining room table.)
I knew immediately the package was from my PRGE pal and I was sooo excited!

It was filled with the awesomeness!!!

I am soooo going to make a bracelet for these:

Aren't you jealous?


Quite Possibly my New Favorite Site



New in the Etsy Store

You know you want one.


We are young

No one can tell us we're wrong
Searching our hearts for so long
Love is a battlefield

And if you're not careful, you'll shoot your eye out!!!


I. Am. Speechless.

This pattern showed up on Ravelry today.

In 2008.
Not 1988.

I guess the struggling economy has really hit the big knitting design houses hard.


New Baby

Here's a photo.

I tried to get one next to my chihuahua, but they don't stay still together. His name is "Tractor" (thanks, Jackson) and he's a lab/Amer. Bulldog mix.
He's about 6 or 7 weeks but he's already as big as Nicky, the chihuahua. He's a big clutz, but he's a sweetie. He evacuated to my house during the storm and ended up staying.


As Promised

Here's a few photos of the Gustav damage.

Our back yard. These trees were all the same height. Four of them snapped.

Our pool and neighbor's fence.

This was scary as hell, but someone took an Ambien. (You know who you are!)

Our playhouse with no roof.

Overall, we made out just fine.

LOL Cat Thursday

more animals


Can you believe

there are still subdivisions and towns in Louisiana that are still without power? The media isn't covering it either. I guess if it's not New Orleans, it's not news.


So, I'm back.

Big thanks to my sister, Disa, who let us come visit while we were out of power. I've got some hurricane photos to put up here when I get a second. I've also got pics of the sock blanks I dyed right before the storm and the socks I'm knitting from one of the blanks.


PRGE-4 Questionnaire

1. Why did you join PRGE? I took part in the first two swaps and had a lot of fun.
1.a. Have you done other swaps? no Are you doing other swaps right now? no
2. What are your five favorite things? (these don't have to be knit related)
knitting, skulls and crossbones, coffee, chocolate, sewing
2.a. Do these things allow any hints into your personality for your punk pal? yes, I think so
3. What are your three favorite things that you have made with knitting/crochet? I don't usually like my FOs.
3.a. What do you tend to make with knit/crochet? hats, socks, sweaters
3.b. What do you hope to make (or complete that you have started) someday? A brown sweater of my own design that I have one sleeve completed
4. What five things would you love to see in a swap box someday? Why?
pretty paper, fabric, or yarn; something personal from my swap pal to let me know what he/she is like; chocolate;
4.a. What do you hope to never see in a swap box again (or ever)? fun fur (no offense previous pals)
5. What are your three favorite yarns? What are your three least favorite yarns?
Socks that Rock; cascade fixation; sock blanks; most worsted wool blends
5.a. Do you like solid, self-striping, or multi-colored yarns? solids and same color varigateds
5.b. What are your favorite colors? Black, peacock blue, purple, pink, brown What are your favorite colors to knit with? most any
6. What are your five favorite delicacies? chocolate, coffee, tea, Socks that Rock, chocolate
6.a. What yarn do you hope to one day try and why? Malabrigo, I've heard great things
7. What are your three favorite guilty pleasures? chocolate, Ghost Hunters, Torchwood
7.a. What are your favorite tv or movie charactors? see above plus Psych
8. What are the five things you look forward to every week?
8.a. What do you do during your week (ie - work, take care of three kids, race walk)?
9. What do you collect? Bells, coffee mugs, skull stuff
9.a. What collects you? handbags, shoes
10. When is your birthday? March 19
10.a. What is your favorite holiday and why? Halloween, do you really have to ask?
11. Do you have any wishlists? no
11.a. Do you have a "favorites" collection anywhere that your pal should know about? no
12. Do you have any allergies or health related conditions that your pal should know about? no
12.a. What drives you nuts?
13. What do you do for work and what do you do for fun? I'm a statistician/research analyst. I do crafty things for fun
13.a. What would you do if you knew you could not fail? Open my own yarn store.
14. What would you like your pal to know that is not covered here?
14.a. Are you excited for the contests or will you just pretend that they do not exist?


How Cute is This?

halloween advent calendar
Originally uploaded by mique123
I'm starting to think about Halloween projects. I know I want to make a monster wreath, but this Pottery Barn calendar is too cute. At $60, it's a project that would actually be cheaper to make, unlike most that I take on.
The kids haven't decided on costumes yet, so I probably won't be making those. What are your Halloween To Do's?


Knitting-related LOLcat

more animals


I posted this on Ravelry, so forgive the cross-post.
DH and I were talking about how we sometimes miss hurricanes if we don't have one in a while.
I think it's because, growing up poor, hurricanes were a time to get the whole family together. Usually there was only one member of the extended family who had a nice enough house that everyone would be safe in.
We would all get together, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents and usually spend the night or a few days, depending on if the electricity was out.
We would all hunker down in the living room on a mattress, because there was usually only one hurricane lamp and it stayed in the living room. We'd listen to the radio and watch channel four news until the power went out. If we were lucky, we'd get a few days off of school.
Does anyone else have sort of nice hurricane memories?


Beware: Buttload of Photos Ahead!!!

These first photos are of the stitch marker bracelets I sold last week.

These are hats I finished last week. The pirate hat is for the Ravalympics.

Shetland Not-So-Shorty modeled by my disgustingly cute sister.

Margaret's birthday cake.

Brought my camera wire to work

to try and upload some photos. But then I forgot my camera. As G would say: Wa Wa Waaaa! (in her best gameshow losing voice.)
I guess you guys will have to wait.


I feel so growed up!

I sold my first set of stitch markers last week. I wanted to wait to post about it to make sure they buyer liked them. Here's what she said:

THEY CAME TODAY!!!!!!! and I LOVE THEM!!!!! I cannot wait until Saturday to show them off (my friend is definitely not getting hers until after the weekend!)
I really like the fact that they fasten with the magnets–so easy and so smart. And you did such a good job mixing and matching up the beads–I envy your artistic eye!
Thanks again. I’m sure I’ll be in touch with you again.


I took some photos before I sent them. I'll try to upload them soon. I still have to photograph the Shetland NS Shorty and New Republic hat I finished. Somebody remind me- kthxbye!!!!


Baby steps

Well, we have a birthday coming up next weekend. That gives us less than two weeks to clean the house. Having company over really helps to motivate us to keep things clean, but there's always a mad dash to give everything a good once-over and it usually ends up with me apologizing for the mess anyway. This year M has invited a few friends from gym class. The thought of strangers coming over really makes me want to make sure everything is nice so, I've decided to start doing a little each day. Of course, that is much easier said than done, especially with three anti-adults running around and spreading "fun" everywhere. If I have to clean up the large foam alphabet puzzle one more time, I swear, I'm going to tie those ankle biters up until the party. I try to use the flylady system, but it's very difficult to do alone and DH thinks doing dishes and laundry (but not folding or putting it away!!!) gets him off the hook.
The other problem I have is our hardwood floors. DH tried to mop with pine sol and Murphy's against my better judgement and now there's a sitcky film I can't get off. Martha says use vinegar and water and that worked a little, after FOUR tries.
Do any of you have suggestions for cleaning up while playing zone defense against three children OR for cleaning hardwood floors (walnut, specifically?)

In other news, the Shetland Not-So-Shorty is done. I also finished a New Republic Hat. Well, alsmost finished it. The buttons I got from ebay have the shanks cut off. Stupid me thought "no shanks" meant they were the kinds of buttons with holes. Uh, no. They are buttons that used to have shanks, but have been castrated.
I haven't had time to figure out how to fasten the band of the hat, but I'm leaning towards an embroirdered "X" where the button should go. If anyone has a large (2") button to donate, you know how to reach me. I'll get action shots up as soon as I figure out how to get my camera to quit giving all my photos a ghostly white halo.

ETA: "We" is my Four-year-soon-to-be-five-year-old. We'll be kntting at the Chimes for "me" in March.


Ah, Crap!

My husband hates it when I say "Crap." I think he should be glad I can censor myself before the big words come out and make George Carlin blush in his grave (rest his soul). In real-life, away from my children or boss, I cuss like a sailor. It's something that got picked up in college. Boy my sorority was a bad influence. Trust me, if I didn't have kids or bosses, "crap" wouldn't even be in my repertoire.
Anyway, the crap-i-tude come from my new theme. Pretty, no? However, all the widgets got lost in translation so I have to go back and update all my links and other sidebar goodness.
If I linked to you before and I miss you this time, shoot me a message and I'll fix it. It's not like my sidebar was super-updated anyway.
Good news is I'm about 10 minutes away from finishing the Shetland-not-so-shorty I've been slaving over. It feels so nice to finish something.

A fellow raveler is sending me enough yarn to finish my wavy lace stole and possibly make a hat.

Ravelry is awesome!


Who's going to clean this up?

With the new job I was able to move some things out of the studio.

Of course, now it's a ginormous mess.

Time to get cracking, I guess.


Stitch Marker Jewelry for Sale

I am selling some stitch marker jewelry. These are great for displaying your markers and for keeping them handy, because you never knoww when you might need a marker.I have necklaces, bracelets, and keychains.
The necklaces are $25. They are 18in and have lobster clasps holding 6 stitch markers.
Bracelets are $15. They are 7in with magnetic clasps. They also hold 6 markers.
The keychains are also $15. They have 6 markers and a decorative end with matching beads.
I also make empty necklaces and bracelets so you can add your own markers and can make custom stitch marker jewelry as well. Email me for details.



In honor of the Tiger's awesomeness and impending trip to the college world series, I've added another pattern to my sidebar. I haven't worked this chart yet, so let me know if there are any errors and I'll take care of them.


Posting might pick up around here.

It looks like I'll have a job soon. I'm doing some contractual stuff for my local research center and they want me to join them full-time. All I have to do is finish my current contracts which end June 30, and there's salary negotiations, of course.
Ironically, I'll probably post more working full-time than I do sitting home all day just because there won't be any children to run after. Knitting might suffer, but its not as if I'm cranking out the FOs anyway.
It'll be really nice to stop for Starbucks and not have to worry if I can afford it or not.
The project we are working on for the center is a huge database that will track all students in Louisiana from birth to workplace. I'm trying to not let the "Big-Brother-ness" of it all get to me. This database will track school, health, and court records so far. We'll be able to find out how much a specific teacher affects learning outcomes, for example, or what factors affect the liklihood of a child going into the court system. The difference is that we'll have complete data from all years of life, so there won't be any assumptions about things like parental variables or neighborhood effects. I promise to use this data for good and never evil!!! The best part is no other state is even close to having good enough data to even try such an undertaking, so we can be at the top of the list for something good. That doesn't happen very often.


Finally, something useful...

In my sidebar, I've added a pattern for my Subversive Skull Cap. I created this pattern and chart due to the utter lack of skull-themed cables out there. If you try it out, send me a photo and I'll post them here.


A Contest!!!!

In honor of my new Etsy store, I've decided to run a contest. Rules are simple: Link to my Etsy store, shannonann.etsy.com, on your blog and then leave me a comment here with a link. I'll put all entries in a hat on Friday and pull a winner.
The winner will recieve a loverly stitch marker keychain as pictured here.


Injury-driven craftiness.

Got hurt at work and didn't have the duck to pay my bills. In a fit of boredom, I went down to local chain craft store and bought some stuff. Then I made some stuff. Then I put it on etsy. Check it out.


Say Hello to my Little Friend

This is the Santa I made for my Dad. I wanted to knit the sweater, but as crunch time grew near, I knew there wouldn't be time. I ended up making the sweater from an old fair isle I felted. The face is polymer clay and everything else is fabric.