Advent- Day Nine

On Day Nine, we took pictures by the tree. I wanted pictures by the kids tree, but we hadn't put that one up yet. So, I used the fancy tree in the dining room instead. I bought all the kids new flannel pajamas: Spongebob, Tink, and Polar Bears. I was surprized that there was no complaining about who got a better set.
I'm glad I wasn't planning on using these photos for Christmas Cards, because we couldn't get all three kids to look at the camera and smile at the same time. The activity quickly deteriorated into a wrestling match.
I broke down and bought another camera battery. I figure St. Anthony has had enough of me, I'm too embarrassed to try another novena. If I find the old battery, I'll just have one charged at all times. Still hoping St. Rita will help me out on the job/salary front. I've decided I need to specify that I want the raise as well as the promotion, because it would suck if I had to do more work for the same pay.
If any of you are wondering, St. Rita and St. Jude are patron saints of impossible things. I figure St. Jude is pretty busy with childhood cancer, so I never bug him unless it has to do with something as dire as that. St. Joseph is the patron of laborers. I try to send a shout-out to him as well. I think it helps to keep all bases covered.
St. Anne is my patron saint. She is also asociated with motherhood and pregnancy. She was Mary's mother, and had the first immaculate conception. Mary couldn't be the savior, though, being a girl and all. But her immaculate conception (the Assumption) set her up for being the mother of Jesus. A novena to St. Anne after five miscarriages, ended with a healthy pregnancy I now call G. I had a lot of help on that novena , and I feel forever indebted to those who prayed with me. I think a lot of Catholics are moving away from associating with the saints and saying novenas. I think this is an important part of the faith and part of what makes being Catholic special. If you can ask someone on earth to pray for you, why not ask someone who has given their life to the faith and is one step closer to God than any living person?