Advent- Day One

For the past few years, I've been meaning to make an advent wreath. The kind with the purple and pink candles. A Catholic Menorah, if you will. Well, I'm already too late for it this year. I've decided instead to make an advent calendar to at least make sure we get to do some fun holiday activities as a family this year, and maybe start a new tradition or two.
I made my advent calendar by gluing magnets to small metal wedding favor tins I got at Walmart. I printed out these numbers from D.Sharp on sticker paper and stuck them to the top of the tins. Then, I made a list of fun holiday activities. I printed two copies, one for the tins and one for me to have on hand so I can see what's coming up and make sure I have any materials and enough time to complete the activity. Since we are in Louisiana, I had to leave out the obvious snow-related activities like ice skating and snowman building, so I stuck in a few "Candy" days where the kids will get candy in leu of an activity. I put the slips of paper with the activities in the tins with corresponding numbers. This is important so we can make sure we know what is coming up.
Lastly, I stuck the tins on the refridgerator in a neat little grid. The results look something like this, but with numbers on ths lids instead of patterned paper.
I'm sure you're wondering why I don't post a photo of my own? That's because my dumb-ass self lost my camera battery after I charged it. Don't you get some kind of award for that level of stupidity?
BTW: no job news yet. I'm convinced that no news is bad, bad news.

ETA: I forgot to say last night was Day One on the advent calendar. The activity was, "Read a Christmas Book." I was so proud that G was able to read to her little brother and sister with almost no help.