Advent- Day Five

Made paper snowflakes and wrote letters to Santa. My sister and her bf came by for a visit, so they made snowflakes too. I asked Santa for a big diamond ring and a Mercedes Benz. Do you think he'll come through? I've been really good!

In other news. I am so disgusted with family drama right now. It's like a genuine soap opera. My parents have decided to not attend my brother's bootcamp graduation even though they have made all the arrangements and can't get refunds. Why? Because he told them not to go. Why? Because his psycho bitch girlfriend has been sending harassing messages to my mom and then telling my brother that my mom is being mean to her. This has been a cycle for years now. My mom is partly to blame because she refuses to tell the girl's parents. WTF? If any of my children was rude to an adult, much less than the cursing and demeaning that this girl is doing. I better find out about it. So, I told my mom to not call me anymore. I can't handle this cycle of her complaining and asking for advice, but never doing anything that would actually resolve the situation.
What she does is overreacts, like throwing him out for something minor. Then overcompensates by letting him walk all over her and spending way too much money on him. Rinse. Repeat. I'm pretty sure she doesn't actually want advice, she just wants me to feel bad for her. But I can't feel bad and do the "poor you" thing if she won't at least tell psycho bitches parents! I mean, come on, that's the obvious step one, isn't it?
If your daughter got all psycho on their boyfriends mom, wouldn't you like to know about it? Even if the bf's mom was bitchy too (and I'm not ruling that out), that doesn't give a 19 yr old the right to curse at her and spread rumors for three f*cking years!!!!!.
My mother in law is pretty rude and otherwise socially inept. At one Christmas, she told the whole gathering that she was glad my 1st born looked like my DH because, well, "you never know." Did I call her an F*ing Btch? No, even if that is what I was thinking. And if I had, and it got around to my parents, you'd better believe I wouldn't have gotten away with it. It's a parent's role to keep their kids from being trashy. And if the parents are psycho too, well that gives you more reason to put a Peace Bond or Restraining order on the whole f*cked up bunch!
But, you gotta tell the parents!