St. Anthony is my Homeboy!

I found the charger yesterday in a bag it had no business being in. It was not the proverbial last place I would have looked as it was actually in a place I would never have looked. Coincidentally, over the long weekend, Sean had to do some work at home. For some reason, my laptop wasn't playing the video he needed to review. I took my personal laptop to work and lent my work laptop to Sean. It was when I was unpacking my laptop at the end of the week that I noticed the camera charger right next to the laptop charger in my case. I have no idea how it would have gotten there because I hardly ever use that case and I distinctly remember using the charger a few weeks ago in the kitchen, right before Grace's birthday party. I think St. Anthony just stuck it in there so I'd find it.
In other news, the Novena to St. Rita is still on. No word yet about the promotion. I'm starting to let myself down over it so that if I don't get it, it won't sting so bad. I hope I find out soon, because wondering is killing me. All the people I ask don't know anything, but they all say I should get it. Boss Man doesn't listen to everybody else, unfortunately. Maybe Rita will see how Anthony came through for me and will try to up the ante. Fingers crossed, everyone!


kasiaiscarly said...

fingers crossed!