Advent- Days Six, Seven, and Eight

Saturday, we took the kids to see Celebration in the Oaks in New Orleans. They really enjoyed the lights, especially the Cajun Night Before Christmas light show. Unfortunately, to get to Story Land (a mini-park with Mother Goose themed playhouses), we had to pass through a bunch of carnival type rides- ticket required. Of course, all the children whined about how they wanted to ride the "Pay Rides." But momma wasn't havin it. Next year, we may have to find some lights closer to home. (Alternatively, we can take them on a really fast ride next time there's a fair and that would be the end of that. Evil Laugh.)
Sunday, my dad came over so I put him to work. I had him string up popcorn and raisins to hang in the trees for birds. J and M enjoyed it but G wandered off to the neighbor's house. One thing I'm realizing about this advent thing is how hard it is to get all three kids excited about the same activity. I usually get two out of the three, which is pretty good odds I guess.
Tonight will be candy night. The girls have gymnastics and I have a crapload of things to do, so instead of an activity, I'll give them each a piece of candy.