Advent- Day Three

Last night we made Christmas ornaments. I got Jackson a little unpainted wooden truck from the craft dept at Walmart and I let him color it with markers. He was sooo proud, he brought it to school today to show his teacher. I'm not sure he'll let me hang it on the tree.
The girls made flowers from a Martha Stewart kit, also from Walmart. The kit was supposed to be for children, but I should have know Ms. S. meant children with superpowers like her. The glue wasn't tacky enough to hold on to the felt, so we had to sit there for about 10 min each time we glued something- holding it until it dried. They came out cute in the end, but next time I'm going to come up with my own fool-proof projects.

Here's a Thursday Diversion for you:
Top 5 Hottest Teen Idols of the 80's
Honorable Mention: Matthew Modine
5. Rob Lowe
4. Judd Nelson
3. Josh Brolin
2. River Phoenix
1. John Cusack

Who would make your list?