New Baby

Here's a photo.

I tried to get one next to my chihuahua, but they don't stay still together. His name is "Tractor" (thanks, Jackson) and he's a lab/Amer. Bulldog mix.
He's about 6 or 7 weeks but he's already as big as Nicky, the chihuahua. He's a big clutz, but he's a sweetie. He evacuated to my house during the storm and ended up staying.


Incognito Knitter said...

PUPPY! I love dogs - clue #4 - I have 2 of my own!

ashpags said...

He's so cute!!! =)

DAWN said...

He is so cute with those poka dots on his nose! I love to smell puppies so it's probably good he isn't here. It has led to 2 extra dogs in this house!

beki said...

Oh my goodness, can I come over and smell his puppy breath?