Still Alive

I really think this week might just kill me.
Work is insane with me being all alone. They still won't tell me if they're planning on advertising for my boss's old job, or promoting me, or what. I'd really like his job, but I'm a bit green. I just hope if they hire someone else, that person knows what the hell they're doing. I don't have time to train a freaking supervisor.
I got Maid Marian all cut and I sewed up some of the longer seams (ok, three seams) while watching Ghost Hunters last night. (They were at Oak Alley, where I spent my teenage years as a tour guide. I might expand on that in a later post.)
Anyway, I tried sewing French Seams on Marian so I wouldn't have to try to finish the satin, or deal with satin fuzzies later. The seams came out great and I think I might add those to my regular repertoire.
I'm supposed to have dance class tonight- yes, me. Not the girls. But I think I might have to skip. I still have to get a buttload done on Marian and get to cleaning and baking for the party Sunday. I told Sean he might have to bake the actual cake and I'd decorate it. He seemed ok with that. He likes to bake with the kids helping, whereas I need to be alone. So it will be a good project for them all to bake all the layers while I would probably hate it thinking about all the other tings I have to do.
I also have to get some decorating things from Hobby Lobby. I want to make a monster wreath and an arrangement with a black stick and fake crows. I just hope I can find crows. I have the fake fur and eyeballs for the wreath, I just need a form to glue them to.
I also want a new Entertainment Center. I'd love to get that done today, but there are only so many hours in the day.
Because I feel bad leaving without a photo, this is from my office. I'm in an attic office with no windows and dark gray paint on the walls. (Sucky camera phone photo alert!) I made a Rasturbation of St. Peter's (?) Basilica in Paris and stuck it up to make a faux window. I have two more rows to put up when I get time and if I survive this week.


ashpags said...

Good luck! You can do it! =)

DAWN said...

I like to have a photo in my posts, too. What is up with that? anyway, you need to pace yourself, girl. You sound like you will implode upon impact. How about some tea?