Baby steps

Well, we have a birthday coming up next weekend. That gives us less than two weeks to clean the house. Having company over really helps to motivate us to keep things clean, but there's always a mad dash to give everything a good once-over and it usually ends up with me apologizing for the mess anyway. This year M has invited a few friends from gym class. The thought of strangers coming over really makes me want to make sure everything is nice so, I've decided to start doing a little each day. Of course, that is much easier said than done, especially with three anti-adults running around and spreading "fun" everywhere. If I have to clean up the large foam alphabet puzzle one more time, I swear, I'm going to tie those ankle biters up until the party. I try to use the flylady system, but it's very difficult to do alone and DH thinks doing dishes and laundry (but not folding or putting it away!!!) gets him off the hook.
The other problem I have is our hardwood floors. DH tried to mop with pine sol and Murphy's against my better judgement and now there's a sitcky film I can't get off. Martha says use vinegar and water and that worked a little, after FOUR tries.
Do any of you have suggestions for cleaning up while playing zone defense against three children OR for cleaning hardwood floors (walnut, specifically?)

In other news, the Shetland Not-So-Shorty is done. I also finished a New Republic Hat. Well, alsmost finished it. The buttons I got from ebay have the shanks cut off. Stupid me thought "no shanks" meant they were the kinds of buttons with holes. Uh, no. They are buttons that used to have shanks, but have been castrated.
I haven't had time to figure out how to fasten the band of the hat, but I'm leaning towards an embroirdered "X" where the button should go. If anyone has a large (2") button to donate, you know how to reach me. I'll get action shots up as soon as I figure out how to get my camera to quit giving all my photos a ghostly white halo.

ETA: "We" is my Four-year-soon-to-be-five-year-old. We'll be kntting at the Chimes for "me" in March.


ashpags said...

Wait a minute..."we" are having a birthday, or "you" are having a birthday? Because if *you* are having a birthday, then we must celebrate on the closest Tuesday night! =)