I feel so growed up!

I sold my first set of stitch markers last week. I wanted to wait to post about it to make sure they buyer liked them. Here's what she said:

THEY CAME TODAY!!!!!!! and I LOVE THEM!!!!! I cannot wait until Saturday to show them off (my friend is definitely not getting hers until after the weekend!)
I really like the fact that they fasten with the magnets–so easy and so smart. And you did such a good job mixing and matching up the beads–I envy your artistic eye!
Thanks again. I’m sure I’ll be in touch with you again.


I took some photos before I sent them. I'll try to upload them soon. I still have to photograph the Shetland NS Shorty and New Republic hat I finished. Somebody remind me- kthxbye!!!!


ashpags said...

Yay - congratulations! I keep forgetting to ask you on Tuesdays about a blank necklace like we'd talked about before. How much would that be? Can you Rav message or email the details to me? Thanks! =)