So the yarn I mentioned in the previous post hasn't come in yet...

But I've got the design all charted. I'm trying to decide what kind of neckline I want.

Unfortunately, I only have time to think about knitting while I'm at work and, of course, I can't knit at work. I can't knit at home either because we finally got occupancy permission for our new house and we've been slowly moving stuff over/ trying to clean up/ getting used to kindergarten and daycare/ otherwise going nuts- this week.

The girls' new bunk bed won't be in until tomorrow, so if we sleep in the new house tonight they'll have to camp on the floor. I really only want to bring the stuff that I intend to keep, but we're going to fast it looks like all the crap will come over too and I'll have to get rid of it later. So the new house will probably start of as cluttered and messy as the old house. *sigh*
Oh, and since it's August- here's some photos of the balloon races in Baton Rouge.

Please excuse the wonkiness of the photos. I took them with my phone while driving down the freeway at 70mph on my way to work. See what I do for you?