Good, Bad, Ugly

RS_Knits Yahoo group is starting to pick up. There has been new activity and new members the past few weeks and it looks like we might be able to schedule some meet-ups. I've also picked up a chart I made a while back for a skull-cable pattern. I'm working on a hat. I've already frogged it back once, but the second version is looking good so far. This is good.
Work sucks, on the other hand. One of my "friends" got offered a promotion that was previously aimed at me. There was a huge conspiricy to cover it from me. She finally told me and has since been very hyper-sensitive to everything I say, finding insult in very innocent conversation. I've decided to put this relationship on a back-burner because it's small fish right now. I haven't been offered any teaching jobs, which surprized me based on the shortages and my qualifications. Maybe the "right" job hasn't come along yet. If you guessed "bad," you're right.
Ugly is home life right now. I just typed a whole explanation and then realized I'm not ready to externalize it yet. I try not to focus too much internally (someone said depression is the highest form of selfishness), but I think I need to examine my motivations more before putting any details out into the universe. One day I'll find someone to confide in. I just don't have that amount of trust in anyone yet.


sunneshine said...

I really want to see the hat from your skull chart. I found it yesterday and was thinking of trying it again - my greatest success with it was in the round... I am sure it looks great!

I hope everything else works out for you!