When people talk about loving their job...

so much that it doesn't feel like work, I don't EVER believe them. I just don't think its physically, mentally, or spiritually possible to do the same thing every day for the rest of your life and love it each time. It's GOT to feel like work at some point.
I'm hating on the whole idea of emplyoment right now. I don't even know why my boss is bothering to pay my salary. A student worker could do anything I do for minimum wage. I was hired to do research, but all I've done for the past year is check others' calculations. Last week, they let me put labels on cds. Every time I come up with a research proposal, they tell me to put it on a back burner, like there's something on a front burner I should be doing. It drives me nuts to do nothing all day and think about all the things I need to be doing at home. Then I get home and I don't have two seconds to get anything done because its so crazy. I feel insane.
And before you suggest it, I can't really do anything fun in my "downtime." They don't care if we do actual work as long as it looks like we are working. No knitting, reading, etc. I've got lots of interactive grocery lists in excel, organized by department even, but that only goes so far.
Anyway, I'm sending out some apps- one to Chicago (faculty), one to Austin (research), and one here with my current agency which would technically be a promotion, but in a different division (research). I'm kind of nervous about taking a job involving a move since we just moved in to the new house, but my husband is supportive. I've also spoken to one of my former professors about taking some adjucting gigs. We'll see how that pans out.
In the meantime, there are two papers I should be working on in case I get accepted at a conference, or to submit to journals. Maybe those can keep me busy for a while.

Fun stuff:

  • Still working on the skull cable hat. Found some more things to tweak.
  • Need to make duvet covers for girls' bunk beds. Have black and white toile and ticking. Need time.
  • Getting motivated to start swatching for fair isle sweater.
  • Internet down at home. No photos for you.

Ok. That last one wasn't exactly "fun stuff," but it fit with the bullets.