Still no photos.

We haven't gotten the internet hooked up at home since the move and I don't know how to get my camera to work on my office computer. It reminds me of the Mac comercial where the cute Mac guy is trying to introduce the cute Japanses camera girl to the nerdy pc guy. I don't remember how it ends. I think pc nerd runs away or something. My point is, and there is one, I have a Mac at home because I lost three computers to viruses. (Stupid brother-in-law looking at porn). Anyhow, when I plug my camera into my Mac the photos upload automatically. When I plug my camera into my pc at work... I don't know but there's computer language and smoke and the blue screen of death- you get the picture. Except you don't get pictures, until I get internet at home. Comprende?
And just as I finished the skull cable hat. Well, we'll call it prototype 1. It's too small and the yarn wasn't stretchy enough and I'm going to tweak the cables some more. I like the evil little YO eyes on the skulls, but I'm not thrilled with the shape of the skull cable part. I went out at lunch and bought some Cascade 220. I hope it will work well with the cables. The silk/alpaca I used on the first hat really smooshed everything together. Send good vibes for this one. I'll have a finished pattern for you soon, I hope.


sunneshine said...

Good for you with finishing the hat! Its much easier to tweek patterns then to actually write them! I look forward to seeing it!!