Boy, when I come Back...

I come back with a vengence! Call me Samuel M*therf*cking Jackson.
I've got an itch to knit again. And this time I'm going to throw it down Eunny Jang-style. I've just ordered twelve, count 'em, TWELVE skiens of Palette from KP, all in different colors, and I'm going to design me a fair isle. I've got ambitions for a full sweater, but come on- this is me. You'll be lucky to get a vest. No sketches but think along the lines of Venezia.
I've also got designs on a cabeled boat neck where the whole thing is knit in two tubes. Think tubey, but with two holes in the top tube. One for the neck and one for the bodice. Oh, and a herringbone jacket.
I've decided to set aside time to knit each day. I need to reclaim some sanity. Maybe a half hour before bed. Do you think that will be enough? Talk amongst yourselves.

In other news. What's up with House, MD? Would anyone in the real world put up with crap like that from a coworker without knocking him on his ass at least once. And they're all, "We love you. Let us be your friends!!!!" That show is thisclose to jumping the shark for me.