An explanation is in order

Guys, I don't know how to say this, but I'm not dead.
I know, some of you are very surprised to hear this considering the comments I've received on this blog and on my Ravelry page.
What happened is a fellow Raveller named Sharon
passed away a few weeks ago, and I wrote the memorial in "This Week in Ravelry" as I always do. There seemed to be a bit of confusion between Sharon and Shannon and a lot of people think I was the one who passed. It's okay, really, because I pretty much grew up answering to Sharon because people make that mistake a lot.
I just didn't want to freak out anyone else who wished me to "Rest in Peace" and then saw me posting from what they thought was the great beyond. (Yes, that happened.)
In short, I will be happy to rest in peace when my time comes, just not yet.