Things That Make You Go

I just can't get back into this clappy.

I don't know if it's the yarn (Rayon), or the colors, or the pattern. This is my second try; the first was with a lovely tencel-alpaca blend that I frogged before the first dropped stitch. I just can't pick it up again. That's a lie. I pick it up, and put it back down over and over.
Thing is, the rayon is very nice and drapey. It's perfect for the pattern, if not a bit thin. So, I can't imagine frogging it and knitting something else with the yarn. What do you think? Finish? Frog? Pull a Scarlet O-Hara and think about it tomorrow? I need opinions people!


ashpags said...

I put my clap down for...I dunno...eight months at least where I didn't touch the darn thing 'cause I was bored out of my mind. Now that I finally went back and finished it, I love it. I say bag it up, toss it in a closet, and come back to it in October when it starts to get cool again. =)