Thrift Challenged

I don't know what the deal is.
I can't seem to get on the whole "Thrift Store" bandwagon. It's not that I don't come across awesome thrift store redo projects all over the blogosphere, and then become obsessed with trying them until my head explodes and I need to go lie down.
It's the stupid thrift stores around here. I can never find anything worth saving in there. Maybe I don't go often enough. Maybe people around here are cheap (they are). I just don't know.
There's another blogger around here that has no trouble finding great things at the thrift stores, but she's not giving up her sources. Maybe she's just beating me to the good stuff. Maybe my aspirations are a little high.
You tell me.
Here's my thrifty wish list:
dining room chairs- any condition
outdoor furniture- any condition
dress form (yeah, I know. In my dreams.)
picture frames, dishes, decorative items to revamp
Am I being unreasonable?


beki said...

I agree, thrift stores around here suck. I've found the most things at America's Thrift (pretty much the only thrift store I frequent), but lately it hasn't been any good. Good luck finding things on your wish list, I don't think I've ever come across any of those. You might find some dining room chairs at the Salvation Army by the Bellmont.

Paula said...

Just found your blog from Beki's...I'm with you...I'm not into thrift stores either. I'm thinking it's because of the place I live. Hicksville, USA. Ah well. Maybe if I go back to Detroit to the ritzy areas?