Dysfunctional? Yes, but sooo much fun.

My family has never been big on sensitivity. I learned early on, and the hard way, that my mom would never give me a shoulder to cry on. Not a leaf on my family tree has so much as a caterpillar of sympathy knawing on it.
Yesterday, I got a phone call that my grandmother took a spill and broke her leg? hip? no one was sure just yet, but surgery was definately in the cards. While most people would have made the drive to the hospital in worried silence- at least- I piled into the car with my parents and made the hour-long trip LAUGHING THE WHOLE WAY.
You see, my grandmother fell down an escalator. I don't know if you realize, but that's funny stuff. Imagine an old lady going ass-over-end down the whole length of an escalator and not find something funny in it. Okay, its just me? Whatever.
It only gets better from there. You see, all 6 of my aunts and uncles and every cousin had the same first question upon hearing the news: Oh God, was she wearing underwear? I won't explain why that's a valid question, but leave it to suffice, you can't NOT laugh when someone says that.
To our defense, my Maman (that's what we call her, my kids call her Maman Doris) was making some of the best jokes. From telling the paramedic, "Honey you ain't THAT good looking" when he had to cut off her pants (and underwear, she WAS wearing underwear!) to telling me it crossed her mind to yell, "I've fallen and I can't get up!"
But all jokes aside, she's got a broken hip and will need surgery today. She's also a diabetic so recovery will be a bit dicey.
I started the endpaper mitts in Knitpicks Merino Style when I got home. Flog me later. I had a rough day.


LesleyD said...

Okay I'm bad too because I DID laugh at this!! LOL That is something I would do and say too. My family on the other hand are a bunch of stiff conservatives and say something to the extent of That is not funny stop laughing before God strikes you with a plague.