Welcome to my new place!

While I am sad to see my old blog go the way of the dinosaur (I wonder if that means dinosaurs are 404), I understand that sometimes it is necessary to walk away. I can't promise I'll be a better blogger because of the move, but you never know, do you?

In news related to throwing in the towel, I am resigned to frogging the Brown Cabled Cardi that I was not enjoying.
The cables in the photo weren't really visible and when knit up, well, they looked like crap. They were branchy and organic, while I like my cables neat and somewhat symmetrical. I think I would get along with Starsky better. I am also trying to not cast on for Eunny Jang's endpaper mitts because I have a million ufo's flying around at the moment.
Don't believe me?
wavy lace stole
tweed coat
sofa slipcover-no pattern
dna scarf
duro dress
and too many other socks, scarves, stoles, and
Knucks to count.
I'm uncontrollable.

BTW- Britney,


msfortuknit said...

thats lovely