I can't believe it!

I treated myself to a lunch break at my local MegaBookstore!(tm) and while perusing the loverly selection of knitting-related print, I. got. bored. What? Uh, yeah, furreal. I had to leave the store even to get something to eat because nothing, not one single book, compelled me even flip through much less purchase.
I looked at some new things like Runway and Twinkle City, and some of the old Vogue Quick Knits. All I could muster was, "meh." Maybe I'm just saturated. I know my "to knit" list is way longer than my "will knit" list will ever be, but that's never stopped me from dreaming before. It just seems that nothing in the new books is, well, new.
Come on guys, inspire me! Or else I might have to try to design something. And, trust me
NOBODY wants that!