As if you care...

If anyone visits this site, it's probably in hopes of knitting content or delicious yarn pron. Of course there's seldom any of that. In truth, I did finish one endpaper mitt, and I'm up to the instep of some Widdershins in some loverly Socks That Rock in Lucy.

But I don't have photos.

I also don't have photos of the great stuff my PRGE pal, Staci, sent me this weekend. Purse kits for my girls (they love) yarn for a clapotis (I love) and more random, yummy yarn to do with as I please ( I also love) Oh, and a dragonfly clip. How did you know I have a secret love of bugs? I'm pretty sure I didn't put that on the questionnaire.

I do however, have a few house photos. The house is of course, getting most of my attention these days. Especially the studio, which just got cabinets and a lovely pink marble countertop.

Yes, that's MY studio. For knitting, painting, sewing, soaping, and other general craftiness. The blue-green walls are an homage to my love of all things Tiffany.

Another thing I am loving is my guest bathroom sink and countertop. The sink is from overstock and the counter is granite.

Isn't it lovely? The faucet will look like bamboo and I will paint a few strategically placed Louisiana iris on the wall in a corner.

My kitchen is also coming along. We just need the granite on the island. We won't have wall cabinets on the right, just open shelving.

We also need to figure out what to put on the wall behind the stove that will tie in the slate floor with the granite counters. Here's a close-up of the antiquing I did on the island:

Here are two exterior shots so you can see the final color. Eventually, we'll put up black shutters and have black rockers on the porch.

Here's the front.
And the back/left side ( I don't know what's up with the gray stuff at the bottom):
In other good news. I might get to meet my PRGE spoilee in person! Kate will have to drive right through my town when she moves later this month, so I am trying to figure out how to kidnap her and take her to lunch! Wish me luck.


MorbidKnits said...

Wow, that is a beautiful house.
Love the colors and the sink. That sink is awesome. :0)

MorbidKnits said...

Yes my dog's name is Spocket, he's named after the dog on Fraggle Rock. I recently watched the new remastered Fraggle Rock DVD's and I can't believe I watched them when I was a kid. I guess I don't have the time to sit down and watch it now. It's still a cute show, but my has Saturday cartoons changed since then.

Kate said...

you can totally kidnap me! Sunday the 17th perhaps :)