If I was a plane, I'd be a jet plane...

Going to leave in the morning for Atlanta to see the Tigers (I hope) whup the Vols. Don't tell anyone, but I am bad luck for LSU in Georgia. Every time I've gone there for a game, they've lost. We'll see if my streak continues. I have to leave to fly out of NOLA at about four in the morning, so I should be trying to sleep now. Hmmm, come to think of it I haven't slept in about three days.
Note to self- see doctor as soon as new insurance kicks in because, self, I think you are bipolar and though you feel great now, your ass will be stuck in bed, wallowing in misery again, soon enough.
In less morose news, there's still no word from the schools I've applied to. Well, one sent the affirmative action routine but that's expected. I thought UNO would have at least sent me some email questions now. (I have a sneaking suspicion they already have people lined up for the job, and that's ok because I know those people and they deserve it. Yeah, Amy and Jerry, I mean you.)
Oh well, keep sending the vibes.