I'm here, I'm alive.

I'm positive that teaching first grade is not and never has been the job for me. It just may kill me by Christmas.
However, looking on the bright side of things, hating teaching so much has pushed me to apply for a few faculty positions that I would have been afraid to go for if I were still sitting at my government desk. Send vibes, say a prayer, burn a candle for me. You know I'd do it for you if you asked.
Here are the schools I send to (in no order if you are a school snooping on my blog) Illinios @ Chicago, Nicholls State, LSU, UNO, and Kennesaw State. The Louisiana schools are all in driving distance from where I live now, so not having to move would be nice. I did not send to any schools in either of the Dakotas or Iowa. I'm afraid of those states.

In knitting news. I finished my Widdershins and the Skull cap. Widdershins came out great. Expect photos. Skull cap will be frogged. I got some compliments, but I had to explain the pattern too much. I want it to be obvious, "Hey cool skulls!" There will be no photos until its perfect.

Also, any advice for a girl bully. Yep, G is pushing kids around. The teacher gives her class daily reports, smiley, straight, frowny faces and an explanation. G gets straight or frowny faces most days. Frankly, I don't know what to do. She couldn't visit my sister in Texas over break because she got too many straight faces and she got another one today. She's punished almost every evening. And it's not little things. It's hitting, pushing, kicking. I"m at wits end. She's going to get put out of freaking KIndergarten! HAALLPP!
What really sucks is that I know how her teacher feels b/c I"m getting it on the other end from my own students. I"m so tired of fussing at children.