Good Frackin Grief!

When I told everyone I was leaving my job here with the state, I got a few offers to continue analyzing data by private contract. This is where the money really is, so I agreed. Because, well, I like money.
The problem (why does there always have to be a problem?) is that I will be leaving the software that I use to do my analyses when I leave my job. After talking it over with hubs, and mostly talking it over in my own head, I decided to check out investing in my own software licenses. The other option would be to cleverly disguise myself as a grad student and sneak into the computer lab on campus to use their copies.
There are two programs that are most commonly used. Each has its benefits and drawbacks and I usually end up using a combination of both for each analyses, one to set up and create new databases and the other to run the analysis and make pretty visuals.
So, my sleuthing uncovers $800 for the easy-analysis program for *COUGH* ONE YEAR *COUGH*!!!!!
And a much less reasonable $7000 for the other data-management program for ONE FRACKING YEAR!!!!
And lets not forget that these programs won't run on Mac, which I own, only PC, which I don't own. That's another $1000 for the computer with enough memory to handle the data.

Excuse me, I just died for a second there.

Since my first super-lucrative contract will only bring in $2000 payable on delivery, I guess I will be sneaking into the computer lab until I can save up for the legit copy. Pajamas- check. Flip flops- check. Coffee- check. Yep, I can still pass for a grad student. Oh, except I'll be the only one in there doing work instead of checking myspace. I hope they haven't started checking ids since I graduated...

Anybody know anything about small business grants or loans?


sunneshine said...

There should be a Small Business Association in your area... They will be able to get you started and usually they know of other programs and grants that can help you too! Its a lot of schmoozing and chit chat, but in the end its worth it! Also, check with your banker - many banks have loan programs for women in business... Those are what got me started.