Back Amongst the Living

I've been in bed for a whole week with strep. My kids had it too, but they got shots and were running about after one day. For some reason, I had to get oral antibiotics and it took me until yesterday to break the fever. YUK! One good thing is that I was able to be home so the internet guy could come and get things straightened out. I'll be posting pics soon.

In other, completely unrelated news, Yay for LSU being voted number one in the country in the coaches and AP polls! This is the first season in a long time in which I've made every home game. We even took all three kiddos to the Tulane game Saturday. They were sooo well behaved! Good thing, because I was watching the game so closely any one of them could have run off and I might not have noticed! LOL!

I think I'm going to pick up the skull cap again tonight. I'm ready to move that off my plate. I still need to redo the bind-off on Widdershins, though, so I might just get that over with. (Not like I don't have to finish staining my bathroom counter or tile my kitchen backsplash. Why would I want my house to be finished for the party on the 27th when I can be knitting?!?!)

Might be some job changing on the horizon. I won't post any details, but I was in anxiety-attack mode all weekend before calming myself down with the mantra- it's going to be alright! I'll keep you posted when I learn more.


ashpags said...

Hey Shannon! It was great to meet you and Grace tonight...hope to see you more in the future! Just so you know, Martha won't be there next week, and I probably won't either (big midterm the next day). But we should be back the following week! =)