There is a phenomenon I often ponder. I call it "no comment syndrome." I notice this when someone is accused of some wrongdoing, evil, or other nasty badness. The accused has an option of responding to the accusation in a number of ways. They can say, "I did it. Take me to the gallows straight away." They almost never say that. They can scoff, "Well I never. How dare you accuse me of such a thing." This is common, whether the accused is actually guilty or not. Or they can take the third road becomming more common by the day, "no comment."
What I ponder in this situation is why someone would take the no comment route. In my mind, it always implies guilt. If said person were innocent, why wouldn't they deny? If said person were guilty, again, why not deny- unless you are making a sworn statement *cough* scooterlibby *cough*.
Now the concern is all mine. One of the PRGE Participants, Kate, has gone and pointed her finger at me. ACCUSED me of being her secret pal. She's even listed the reasons she thinks I am guilty. Pretty good reasons at that. What can I do? I can deny, and maybe that would be lying. Or maybe it would narrow down her hunt for her true pal? I can admit. Maybe again that would be a lie taking credit for the great package her true pal has already sent and feeling like I abandoned my true pal?, or maybe it would be true, and thus, spoil her suspense.
Now you see my delimma. The reason I am spending so much time on this problem is that I, like Kate, am dying to figure out my pal's identity. My pal has sent me a wonderful package full of alpaca yarn, decaf coffee, a great little bag, and a handmade scarf. All wrapped in a birthday note. (I'll upload the pics tomorrow.) It was sent delivery confirmation and no return address, I guess my pal likes to live on the edge. I think I might have a guess, but I'm nowhere near as bold as Kate. so I'm not putting that out in the universe just yet.
Every day I scour the blogs and comment on a few to try to get some clues. But my pal is way to smart for that. The CSI guys would have been proud of how I examined the package to try to pick up dust, a cat hair?, ANYTHING. Nothing.
In summary,
I am in Louisiana and I like LSU, its where I got my master's and Ph.D.,
but I haven't lived in Baton Rouge for three years.
I started commenting on a few PRGE blogs when this exchange started,
and have noticed a few new comments on mine. (Kate, are you MY pal trying to divert my attention?)
I sent my package with confirmation,
I think we are all supposed to do that to keep off the deadbeat list.

So, Kate, I hope I have answered your question.

And thanks to My pal, whomever you are! I loved all my gifts!


sunneshine said...

ok, your post made my day! Yippee, you got a great package!! I love the dilemma, I hope Kate works it out...Or you do...and ps - you should be a politician with your commenting no comment ;-)

ps- congrats for winning the contest on Kate's blog!

Kate said...

hahaha - I love it.
It's all fun & games on my side - no mean to cause any distress with my accusations. :)
I still have my eye on you though!