Somebody's getting a surprise!

Well, I guess they should be expecting it. It's my first care package for the new Punk Rock Gift Exchange. I finished putting it together this weekend and would have mailed it yesterday if my FM had not kicked my butt twelve ways to next week.
But, I'm walking again today (although slowly) and made it to the post office during lunch to mail the goodies. Delivery confirmation- just to be sure.
Bad news is the one and only LYS in this stinking town is closing an hour earlier. 4:00! Don't knitters work around here?!?! So I'll have to do some creative lunch shopping for the next package. I wish I could have faxed it, I'm so impatient to know if he/she will like it. Want to know what's in it? Ha! You'll have to wait until the recipient blogs about it.
Oh, my other pal (the one who will be gifting me- I hope) sent me an email. Very cryptic... I'll have fun playing whodunnit.


sunneshine said...

My LYS has started keeping 10:30 to 4:30 hours, who can make those?? Don't people work so they can buy yarn? I feel your pain!!

ShannonAnn said...

Yeah, the owner told me- *I'm open on Saturday.* I'm sure she'd love me coming in with my three babies! I wish I had the guts to open my own shop.

Kate said...

haha - 812 - we got the "Rock em Sock em Robots" - you plug these controllers into the TV & they already have the games in them - they seem crazy fun/funny, we haven't played them yet but yeah .... 812. not even close - I think it'll give you a good laugh to know the real number is 3107. and since you have little ones, here's a tid-bit - apparently, you can buy extra "tickets" so when we had 2000, we could have paid 10.00 instead of earning an additional 1000 tickets through skee ball/baskebtall/bob-the-shark-on-the-head.

Kate said...

Hey Shannon - You win a prize by "Price is RIght" rules for my chuckie-cheese tickets. Let me know your address in the next few weeks & I'll get something out to you. I'm stalled until I defend my masters degree but after that, it's all fun & games until July (except for 2 months of less stressful work).
And if you are my pal, I really love the package - I made a list of reasons why I think you're my pal. It's like a murder-mystery or something without the depressing murder. :)
Happy Monday!